Michael Wishart

Michael Wishart is an infection control specialist with over 30 years’ experience managing infection control programs and consulting on infection control issues. Michael established and maintains an ACIPC endorsed email discussion list for discussion of infection control related matters by Australian infection control professionals. He has worked as a consultant for hospitals, day procedure centres, and office practices through HICMR Pty Ltd.

Michael is an experienced educator and has provided infection control education sessions for residential aged care establishments through ACHA Health and RCNA, and yearly two-day infection control seminars for health professionals at Ashford Hospital. Michael has worked as a technical consultant to the CDNA national infection control guidelines review steering committee. He is registered with AHPRA as a registered nurse and is currently credentialed (CIPC-E level) through ACIPC. He currently coordinates the infection prevention and control program at St Vincent Private Hospitals in Brisbane.