Hand Hygiene in the Dental Setting – Overcoming the Challenges

Natasha Nunes1

1North Metropolitan Health Service, Mental Health Public Health and Dental Services, Graylands Health Campus, Mt Claremont, Perth WA 6010. Natasha.Nunes@health.wa.gov.au

Western Australian Dental Service is a state wide program offering dental care to eligible patients in the general dental and school dental clinics and employs over 900 staff. Dental services commenced undertaking local hand hygiene audits in late 2014. Like most health services, when implementing the hand hygiene, program the challenges initially were highlighted around training auditors, time, and sustainability. After 5 years of the program, Dental Services is now reporting as a part of the National Program with results published on the WA Health website and continues to achieve above the WA Benchmark of 80% compliance.

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