Maintaining momentum for aseptic technique training

Ms Sue Atkins1

1Department of Health and Human Services, Ballarat, VIC, Australia


Aseptic technique was the forgotten standard precaution until training of the workforce on aseptic technique was required under the national standards. This Training has been difficult to sustain for some, however the key to maintaining momentum is to share the load and get all clinicians involved.

To compliment online learning, two resources were developed. Firstly a simple hands-on tool to consolidate the principles of aseptic technique by depicting a variety of complex and simple procedures, and secondly a flow chart to assist with the decision making process in the clinical arena. Both tools were designed to be used by any clinician, anytime, and anywhere.

The hands-on tool has provided a platform to consolidate learning, and has encouraged discussion on current practices between peers. The flow chart has provided a tool to assist clinicians to determine what type of aseptic technique they need for the procedures they perform. Both tools have been invaluable in maintaining momentum for teaching, learning and the consolidation of the principles of aseptic technique. The tools have been used in many different healthcare settings and contributed to a culture of change and improvement.

These tools are user friendly, easy to use, and consolidate principles of aseptic technique on an ongoing basis. These tools have empowered clinical staff to remind each other on safe aseptic practice and maintain momentum for training those who may need it. These tools assist the workforce to understand and maintain safe aseptic practice ensuring patient safety.


Sue is a NZ trained Registered Comprehensive Nurse and Infection Control Practitioner, and an Australian Credentialed Infection Control Professional. Sue has spent the last 15 years working in infection prevention and control in a variety of Australian settings, and is currently one of two Regional Infection Control Advisors for the Department of Health and Human Services, Grampians Region, Victoria. This position assists in facilitating a coordinated approach to the implementation of a state wide infection prevention and control strategic framework, and supports the practitioners working in the Grampians Region Healthcare Services.

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