Registered Nurses knowledge of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) ‘My five moments for hand hygiene’ program

Ms Louisa Sasko1

1Western Sydney University , Penrith, Australia


Background: ‘Five moments for hand hygiene’ (5MHH) is the international program for improving hand hygiene. The implementation of the 5MHH program, including educational delivery differs across international settings.

Aim: To assess the knowledge on the 5MHH in registered nurses working in acute public hospitals in a Local Health District (LHD) in New South Wales.

Objective: To establish the level of knowledge on the 5MHH in registered nurses; and to compare the level of knowledge of registered nurses working in different areas of practice to determine if there are any differences.

Methods: A prospective descriptive study surveying registered nurses across an LHD. The research methods comprise the WHO ‘Hand Hygiene Knowledge Questionnaire for Health-Care Workers’ along with professional training and experience data. Study participation is voluntary. As there has been no research in this area in Australia an estimated sample size of 354 completed surveys was calculated using the National Statistical Service. Data analysis to be performed will include measures of central tendency for descriptive analysis and comparative analysis through the Chi-square test to explore differences in knowledge.

Study progress: Ethics approval has been granted from the LHD and University. Data collection has commenced and is complete across 4 hospitals. 1 hospital is currently data collecting and another to follow. To date over 380 completed surveys have been returned.

Conclusion: This study will inform future hand hygiene education of registered nurses.

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