Behind the scenes of the NHHI: big picture, little picture

SM Havers1, K Ryan1, K Olsen1, ML Grayson1,2 

1 Hand Hygiene Australia, Austin Health, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

2 Department of Infectious Diseases, Austin Hospital, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The primary objective of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI) is to develop a National Hand Hygiene (HH) culture-change program that achieves sustained improvements in HH compliance rates, accurately measure rates of staphylococcal disease, develop effective education and credentialing resources to improve knowledge about HH and infection control and to make HH and infection prevention ‘core business’ for all healthcare institutions and the wider Australian community. For many Infection Control Practitioners this may translate to “just more data to collect”.

This aim of this session is to provide an overview of the activities, infrastructure, evidence base and work associated with the NHHI, and what this means to the local ICP, as well as to provide clear links to the vision and strategies that guide implementation at a national level.


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