Preventing CAUTIs: A NSW initiative

Jan Gralton

Clinical Excellence Commission

Clinical Excellence Commission, Locked Bag 8, Haymarket, NSW, 1240.


Urinary catheterisation is a common clinical procedure. Despite the benefits of catheter use, there is always a risk that a patient with a catheter may get a urinary tract infection because of the device. Catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) have a significant burden on the health system. Patients with CAUTIs have longer and more expensive hospital stays and are more likely to acquire a drug-resistant infection that may require treatment with more complex antimicrobial therapy.

The CAUTI project was established in NSW in 2014 to help healthcare professionals to reduce the incidence of CAUTIs in adult acute care. The project is based on the basic principles for catheter insertion and management and provides best-practice decision support tools, clinician education, patient information, investigation tools, and promotional materials to promote better clinical practices.

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