The development and risk management features of a novel disinfectant

Trevor Glasbey 1, Greg Whiteley 1

Whiteley Corporation, Tomago, NSW, Australia


A new disinfectant system has been developed in which the active species (peracetic acid) is generated in situ by dissolution in water.
In order to provide a safer, more effective product for the end-user, several risk mitigation features have been built into the product, whilst meeting the requirements of the Australian regulatory framework for disinfectants under Therapeutic Goods Order 54, 1996 (TGO54).

In order to provide an effective disinfectant system, a novel indicating system has been built into the formulation to provide a colour cue as to when an effective quantity of biocide has been produced.
Also, by studying the concentration- time profile of the generation system, it was possible to define the in-use window of the generated disinfectant solution. This in turn allowed testing to define the antimicrobial efficacy of the disinfectant whilst following the requirements of TGO54.
Additional testing was performed to define the materials compatibility of the disinfectant, allowing its use as both a low level instrument grade disinfectant, and a surface disinfectant.

The disinfectant solution has been shown to be effective against bacteria, fungi and spores, whilst also meeting the performance criteria defined by TGO54 for an instrument grade disinfectant.

The development program undertaken to develop this disinfectant program has provided a unique broad-spectrum disinfectant with several layers of risk mitigation built into the system to minimise operator error during use. It is intended that this product will provide a viable, user friendly alternative disinfectant for use in outbreak situations.

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