2018 – Sponsors & Exhibitors Manual

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Exhibition Site Inclusions

Each Exhibition Site includes:

  • 3m x 2m Floor Space/Shell Scheme.
  • White panel shell scheme booth.
  • Fascia board with your company name.
  • Your choice of furniture package.
  • 2 x spotlights.
  • 1 x 4 amp power outlet.
  • 1 x wireless internet connection per site.
  • 1 x waste paper basket.

Exhibition Times

Exhibitor Bump In

15:00 – 19:00 | Sunday 18 November 2018

Open to the delegates

The exhibition will be open at the following times:

08:00 – 18:45 | Mon 19 November
07:30 – 17:00 | Tue 20 November
08:30 – 13:15 | Wed 21 November

Exhibitor Bump Out

13:30 – 15:30 | Wednesday 21 November 2018


IMPORTANT: Exhibitor freight deliveries will only be accepted at the BCEC on Sunday 18 November.

Please check with your courier/freight handler to confirm they make deliveries on Sundays. 

A list of suggested freight companies is available below. Any concerns or questions regarding freight and deliveries should be directed to agility@bcec.com.au.

Late and missing deliveries are the main problem for sponsors and exhibitors when arriving onsite for a conference.

When having items couriered to the venue please:

  1. Download and use the delivery label provided by the venue.
  2. Confirm with your courier the delivery has been made BEFORE you arrive.
  3. Have the name of your courier, the consignment numbers and confirmed delivery date when you arrive.
  4. All incoming items should arrive via the Great Hall Loading Dock. All items are to arrive at the Loading Dock after 12:00pm on Sunday 18 November. 
  5. No goods will be accepted prior to Sunday 18 November 2018. 


  1. Box up any materials requiring collection and leave on your stand for collection by venue staff during bump out.
  2. Arrange for collection of the items with your courier and ensure a consignment note is included on your boxes before they are collected by the venue staff.
  3. Dispatch labels will be distributed by the venue prior to move out on Wednesday 21 November, all goods must be removed from the venue by Thursday 22 November.

Freight Forwarding / Transport / Logistics

Agility Fairs & Events is the official freight forwarder and onsite logistics provider to the 2018 Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control Conference.

About Agility Fairs & Events

Agility specialises in exhibition freight forwarding – both domestic and international.  Agility can ensure that your product, display & merchandise are in the right place, at the right time, providing a complete transport, materials handling & storage service. Agility provides a complete service including monitoring of freight from your door step right through to your exhibition booth to make sure your goods are handled in a professional manner and all formalities/deadlines are met.

Agility Fairs & Events offers the following services:

  • All local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors’ stand at the venue
  • Storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition
  • For international exhibitors, a comprehensive international freight forwarding service tailored to each particular exhibitor’s requirements.

Prior to the show, Agility will make contact to discuss and determine your individual freight and logistics requirements.  In the meantime, to request a quote, please complete and return the TRANSPORT QUOTE REQUEST FORM or for more information, please contact:

Domestic Freight Forwarding:

Seamus Campbell

Event Logistics Specialist, Agility Fairs & Events


Tel: +61 3 9330 9014

Fax:  +61 3 9330 3337

E-mail: scampbell@agility.com

[invicta_calltoaction primary_line=”” secondary_line=”” label=”F&E – the Benefits of Using Agility ” url=”http://www.acipcconference.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/FE-Australia-Benefits-of-using-Agility-2015r.pdf” target=”_blank” size=”large”]
[invicta_calltoaction primary_line=”” secondary_line=”” label=”F&E Transport Quote Request Form” url=”http://www.acipcconference.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ACIPC-2018-Transport-Form.pdf” target=”_blank” size=”large”]

Information for Exhibitors from Agility Fairs & Events


The show bumps in on very tight parameters and deliveries will not be accepted at the venue earlier.  Furthermore, all freight must be removed from the venue during the official bump out times – no exceptions.

For these reasons, we highly recommend using Agility as their service is door-to-stand and they work weekends and outside normal business hours.   

Please refer to the insert “F&E Australia – Benefits of using Agility” which outlines the services provided and will assist you in making an informed decision.


Exhibitors or their stand-builders requiring a forklift during move in or move out, must pre-book these services in advance with Agility.  Charges apply.

Please do not just assume that Agility will be onsite.

To avoid disappointment, you must complete the MATERIALS HANDLING FORM and return it to Agility by the due date shown at the bottom of the Form. 

Agility will be operating a forklift service during bump in and bump out to assist exhibitors requiring forklifts, pallet jacks and flatbed trolleys.  These are provided free of charge by THE ORGANISER as a service to exhibitors.

Please see the Agility staff at the loading dock for assistance. FOC forklifts are operating during the following times only:


  • Sunday 18 November: 15:00 – 19:00


  • Wednesday 21 November : 13:30 – 15:30

Outside of these hours, the cost for forklifting onsite is $55 inc GST per 15 mins.  This is payable by credit card at the time of booking.


There will be limited on-site storage facilities for packing materials and boxes. It is recommended that exhibitors consider their storage needs (of packing crates and freight forwarding materials) for the duration of the exhibition. Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show.  Agility can arrange off-site storage at a cost of $55.00 incl. GST per m3 or part thereof.

Exhibitors or their stand-builders requiring offsite storage during the show, must pre-book these services in advance with Agility.  Charges apply.

Please do not just assume that Agility will be onsite.

To avoid disappointment, you must complete the MATERIALS HANDLING FORM and return it to Agility by the due date shown at the bottom of the Form. 

Please note: 

  • Agility Fairs & Events standard trading conditions apply for services provided – it is important that you are aware of these. Services include: transport, cranage, forklift, porterage, clearance, delivery, storage, positioning and all other onsite services.
  • Neither the conference organisers, venue and/or Agility will accept responsibility for the safety or well being of any items on, or delivered to, the site in the absence of the exhibitor of his/her agent or contractor. All deliveries must be addressed with a BCEC delivery label (top of page) to assist with the smooth delivery of goods.
  • Courier companies should be instructed to pick up left over freight at the conclusion of the event. The conference organisers, venue and/or Agility will not take responsibility for freight left after this time.

Why should you use Agility Fairs & Events? Refer to the ‘F&E Australia – Benefits of Using Agility’ document.

For Exhibitors directly arranging transport into the venue

Agility Fairs & Events suggest the following companies for transport

These companies are specialists in Site to Site sensitive freight, and as such can handle weekend deliveries directly to the stands.

[invicta_calltoaction primary_line=”” secondary_line=”” label=”F&E Materials Handling Form” url=”http://www.acipcconference.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ACIPC-2018-Materials-Handling-Form.pdf” target=”_blank” size=”large”]

Exhibition Supply Company

Moreton Hire has been appointed as the exhibition supply company for ACIPC 2018.

For build, stand and furniture enquires please contact:

Sarah Gillam
Account Coordinator

t 07 3010 4360 f 07 3307 4449 m 0400 216 580

To order furniture and view the Moreton Hire catalogue/manual please CLICK HERE.

Conference Venue

Custom stand plans and venue related enquiries should be directed to:

Cassia Rengers

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Merivale St & Glenelg Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101

View a Google Map of the venue.


Company Contact Person

When booking please appoint a single point of contact within your Organisation.

All bookings will be recorded under the one name and all correspondence will be sent to this person.

Representatives at the Conference

An official name badge will be required to access the conference and exhibition areas.

Anyone from your Organisation attending the conference, or guests you wish to invite, must register with Conference Design prior to the event.

 All company representative registrations and social functions, inclusive and/or additional, need to be booked. 

Additional Exhibitor Passes

Additional exhibitor passes can be purchased as follows via the online registration portal:

  • Full registration, including all social functions: $550 per person

When arriving for Bump In on Sunday 18 October please go straight to your stand and begin setting up.

Conference staff will deliver name badges to your stand from 15:00.

Conference Design

For sponsorship and exhibition sales please contact:

Andrew Watts

03 6231 2999

The App Game

All sponsors and exhibitors will be issued QR codes as part of the 2018 App Game designed to encourage delegate flow and interaction.

Exhibitors can choose to clearly display the QR code on or within your booth to avoid unnecessary interruptions or you can ‘hide’ the code to ensure interaction with your representatives.

Each QR code will reveal the exhibitors’ company name.

To enter the draw, participants will need to have collected all sponsor and exhibitor names.

Key sponsors will also be given the first opportunity to provide prizes.

If you would like to donate a prize please contact andrew@conferencedesign.com.au.

Onsite Storage

There will be limited on-site storage facilities for packing materials, boxes and giveaways. It is recommended that exhibitors keep packing materials to a minimum.

Exhibitors cannot leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the event.

Important Information and Deadlines

Please send the following to Conference Design when you book:


Company Profiles

Promotional Video

We will print one logo per sponsorship package in the program book, in the conference app, on the sponsors’ slide and on the conference web site.

Print: EPS version

Web and App: a high resolution PNG, JPG or TIFF image, no less than 250 KB in size.

Please upload via the online booking portal when you book or email to Conference Design.

  • Sponsors – 400 words
  • Exhibitors – 200 words

Plus a contact name (where appropriate), email address, web address and phone number. Your profile will be included in the conference app.

Please upload via the online booking portal when you book or email to Conference Design.

Eligible sponsors have the opportunity to have a short video linked to the eSatchel in the App. Your video will be uploaded to Vimeo and linked to the eSatchel in the app and online. Delegates will be able to view the video on their mobile devices or desktops. As this is a new option we would recommend using existing content or creating a short promotional video – to maximise views be creative!

  • Maximum size of 20MB
  • MP4 or AVI formats

Email to: Conference Design

Due to Conference Design no later than one month prior to the conference:

PDF e-satchel Inserts

A6 colour advert in the pocket program

Representative Registrations

  • Sponsors only
  • PDF advertisements will be linked to your profile in the Conference App.
  • High resolution, colour PDF
  • A4 portrait orientation, 210mm x 297mm
  • Maximum size of 150kb per file
  • No bleed and no crop marks
  • PDFs will be uploaded as ‘as received’

Please upload via the online booking portal or email to Conference Design.

Due to Conference Design no later than close of business Friday 19 October 2018. 

  • Conference Partner and Gold Sponsors only
  • Dimensions: 105mm (w) x 148mm (h)
  • A4 portrait orientation.

Email PDFs to: Conference Design

Due to Conference Design no later than close of business Friday 19 October 2018. 

Please register all representatives attending the conference no later than one month prior to the conference.

Representatives must be registered for the conference and all social functions.

Please register representatives via the online booking portal.

Delivered to venue (from THURSDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2018):

Tote Bag Inserts

  • Platinum Sponsor – Up to 3 items
  • Gold Sponsor – Up to 2 items
  • Silver Sponsor – 1 item
  • Bronze Sponsor – 1 item

Satchel inserts can be flyers, brochures or promotional items of a reasonable size.

Please provide 450 items per insert.

Inserts are to be delivered directly to the venue no later Friday 16 November 2018 using the Satchel Insert delivery label. 

Satchel inserts are not included for exhibitors, but can be purchased for $1,200 per item.

Contact andrew@conferencedesign.com.au for more information.

[invicta_calltoaction primary_line=”Satchel Insert Delivery Label” secondary_line=”Please use this label if you are having satchel inserts couriered to the venue (at least one per box, eligible sponsors only).” label=”Download Here” url=”http://www.acipcconference.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Delivery-Label-Satchel-Freight.pdf” target=”_blank” size=”large”]
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