2016 ACIPC – ePosters

Electronic posters (ePosters) will be displayed for the duration of the conference on 50 inch monitors in the exhibition and poster display areas.


ePosters Due: COB Wednesday 12 October 2016

ePoster Slide Upload

Please use the template and instructions below to prepare your ePoster slide. Ensure your submission is named with the conference name and the last and first name of the first (submitting) author: ACIPC2016_Lastname_Firstname

ePoster Author
Antimicrobial stewardship
1 AMS in rural and regional Victoria Carol Rosevear
2 Clinicians’ attitudes towards participation in AntiMicrobial Stewardship (AMS) programs In Thailand Nantanit Sutthiruk
3 Development of an electronic case record form (AU-Crit) for antimicrobial stewardship program initiation John Preshanth Kumar Pathiraj
4 Responding to the threat of antimicrobial resistance: Tasmanian approach Annie Wells
Disease epidemiology
5 Multi-resistant organism colonisation in high-risk patients: a point prevalence study at two large Victorian health services Jessica Iliffe
6 Using enhanced surveillance to characterise the epidemiology of Clostridium difficile infections in Australia: time trends and severity of illness in Victoria, 2010-2014 Leon Worth
Education and professional development
7 Infection Control Education – does one size fit all or should it be made to measure? Joanne Baigent
8 Getting It Right: PPE Demonstration Videos Lucy Hughson
HAI Surveillance
9 Prevalence of chlorhexidine tolerance genes amongst coagulase negative staphylococci recovered from catheters and catheter associated skin sites David McMillan
10 Risk factors for surgical site infections following Caesarean section: findings from a comprehensive Victorian surveillance program (2003-2015) Alex Hoskins
11 Evidence based recommendations for a national healthcare associated infection surveillance program Philip Russo
Hand hygiene
12 Improving hand hygiene performance in Victoria – beyond the national hand hygiene initiative Jennifer Bradford
13 Development of an educational hand hygiene DVD to engage hospital staff from all disciplines Kaye Belliss
14 Adoption of an embedded model to improve accountability and compliance in an ICU hand hygiene program Christine Sharp
15 Withdrawn
16 All hands on deck: improving medical staff compliance with hand hygiene Helen Cadwallader
17 Influencing change – An inside job Julie Rieck
Individual based practice change: behaviour change and human factors
18 Standard Precautions – Translating Knowledge into Practice Marija Juraja
Infection control measures and strategies
19 Emergency Department Infectious Diseases Quick Reference Guide for Use In Regional Health Services Sue Atkins
20 Does structured educational intervention programme lead to sustainable knowledge improvement on infection control practices among under graduate medical students? Usha Balasundaram
21 The role of team engagement and a defined bundle approach in the reduction of surgical site infections associated with Lower Segment Caesarean Section Beth Bint
22 To screen or not to screen, that is the VRE question Helen Cadwallader
23 Contact precautions for multi-resistant pathogens – is it time to go horizontal? Joanna Harris
24 Three Case Studies Showing How UVGI Can Be Used As An Adjuvant For Rental Property Mould Decontamination Cameron Jones
25 Screening of high risk patients for CPE in a Victorian tertiary referral centre: a pilot study Marcel Leroi
26 The Importance and Benefits of Assessing the Immune status of Employees Janine Malcolm
27 “I just don’t want to cause fires”: The attitudes of hospital patients and staff towards patient empowerment strategies to reduce healthcare acquired infections Holly Seale
28 It all comes back to basics – A review of standard precautions in reducing MRO acquisitions Robert Robinson
29 Biopatch™ or Kendall™ AMD Foam Disc to reduce the incidence of Central-Line-Associated Blood Stream Infection: A feasibility study Joan Webster
Outbreaks and outbreak management
30 Clostridium difficile: tricky and sticky but can be readily nailed! Beth Bint
Reprocessing and sterilizing services
31 ISO Accreditation/ACHS Standard 3 Compliance Results: 3.16 – pass with Merit; 3.17 – pass with Merit; 3.18 – pass with Merit The Macquarie University Hospital (untold) Story Roel Castillo
32 Systematic Review of Black Spots Found on Reprocessed Reusable Medical Devices Gerald Chan
33 Typical Australian CSSD: Federal compliance and passing with Merit Roel Castillo
Systems based practice change: innovation, improvement science and quality improvement
34 Evaluating a process of change in hospital environmental cleaning – the role of logic models Alison Farrington
35 Ramping up a Local Immunisation Program in Response to Outbreaks and National Standard 3.6 Sue Gonelli
36 Using technology reduces workload and enables quality improvement capacity Kylie Snook
37 Characterise the Microbial community structure and the spread of antimicrobial resistance and biofilm on the intensive care units Khalid Johani
38 Intelligent Materials for the Clinical Environment John Williams
39 The 2014 ACIPC Survey of Sharps Injury Incidence in Australian Hospitals Terry Grimmond
40 Sustained improvement in staff influenza vaccination rates without a mandatory policy Caroline Marshall
41 What’s trending in infection control? Brett Mitchell
42 The Art of Humanising Science: a focus on Infection Prevention and Control Kathryn Catterick
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