Multimodal Infection Prevention & Control Strategies within the Pandemic Setting

Mr Bradley Mcentee1

1Special Health Accommodation, Sydney, Australia

The Special Health Accommodation (SHA) was established on 29 March 2020 as a mandatory health hotel quarantine facility for SARS-CoV-2 symptomatic and positive returned travellers. SHA also provides subacute care to returned travellers with complex health needs. One of the key successors to the SHA has been the multimodal infection prevention and control (IPAC) program.

The multimodal IPAC program was commenced in March 2020 and consists of:

–              Establishing IPAC policy for all SHA hotels including safe workflows and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols. The SHA PPE protocol was one of the first to acknowledge a universal surgical mask protocol in April 2020 for staff when they were having encounters greater than 1.5 metres from patients and when moving throughout the hotel. Until January 2021 the SHA implemented contact and droplet precautions for all patient encounters within 1.5 metres, the protocol was enhanced to airborne, contact and droplet precautions for all encounters in response to the Variants of Concerns.

–              Identifying patient and non-patient zones to reduce cross contamination risks.

–              Co-horting patients on separate floors based on SARS-CoV-2 status.

–              Multidisciplinary review and assessment of all breaches including CCTV review

–              Establishing 300 donning and doffing stations.

–              IPAC committee.

–              Strong risk mitigation strategies.

–              Strict auditing program.

–              Strict training and orientation for all SHA staff.

SHA has cared for 14,000 patients, 1,500 SARS-CoV-2 positive patients including 275 Variants and have had zero transmission events.

Multimodal IPAC strategies decrease transmission events in a complex non-purpose built environment.


Mr Bradley McEntee, Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Manager for the Special Health Accommodation.

Bradley established the Infection Prevention & Control Program for the Special Health Accommodation in March 2020. The program adapated hotels into a subacute care setting and has been successful in caring for over 14,000 returned travellers, 1,500 whom were COVID-19 positive patients including 275 with a variant of concern with zero transmission between patients or to staff.


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