The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN)

The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) is a technical collaboration of over 250 institutions worldwide that deliver support to countries affected by infectious diseases. Led by the World Health Organization, GOARN continues to support public health emergencies with an impressive 18 year history of over 130 outbreaks controlled worldwide deploying more than 2500 public health professionals including doctors, IPC professionals, nurses, logisticians, epidemiologists, and social mobilisers.

In this short video, Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman, who is the GOARN Focal Point for ACIPC and Senior Teaching Faculty discusses the Request for Assistance process as well as deployment and training. If you have seen the GOARN alerts and would like to understand more about working in an outbreak environment, overseas, make sure you watch this video.

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Dr Peta-Anne Zimmerman is an internationally respected clinician, educator, and researcher in infection prevention and control (IPC). Dr Zimmerman’s experience in IPC spans over 20 years and her domestic clinical experience, research, and expertise has led her to work extensively in China, South East Asia and the South Pacific, directly on outbreak response, and the development of comprehensive infection prevention and control programmes and integration of public health and acute care response in infectious disease emergencies in low and middle income country settings. Peta-Anne is the Program Advisor of the Graduate Infection Prevention and Control Programs at Griffith University, which includes the only named Master of Infection Prevention and Control in the region and is proud to be the Visiting Research Fellow with the Infection Control Department of the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service.

Peta-Anne holds the award of Credentialled Infection Control Professional – Expert, and is the Focal Point and Senior Teaching Faculty for the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) and member of the ACIPC Credentialling and Professional Practices (CAPS) Committee. Peta-Anne has also recently received the award of Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is the recipient of the 2020 Claire Boardman Award for Leadership in Infection Prevention and Control.

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