A Practical Approach to AS4187 Compliance – Setting Yourself up to Succeed

Miss Melanie Grigg1

1Ecosafe International, Southport, Australia

Navigating the AS/NZS4187 requirements has left many health service organisations (HSOs) in anguish as they grapple with implementing actions towards achieving compliance. As with any task, the only way to succeed is to first know the aim. Through active engagement with numerous HSOs, Ecosafe would like to share our experiences highlighting the practical value to all stakeholder of providing a clearly defined, site-specific plan and Compliance Management Software mapping out a journey for ongoing water quality compliance.

  • Ecosafe have broken down the AS4187 water quality requirements into a visual format that is easy to follow, facilitating development of a site-specific testing regime.
  • Through roles and responsibility workshops for key personnel, we are working with HSOs to determine battery limits and ensure unambiguous accountability guidelines.
  • The Do Diligence Compliance Management Software is helping HSOs to track their AS4187 compliance tasks and actions via a customisable dashboard. The barcoding of each asset (such as Washer-Disinfectors) enables full traceability, from scheduling of compliance tasks to documented chains of remedial events and long-term data trending. Auto escalation of non-compliances facilitates proactive, swift management of failures and missed tasks.

Clearly defining the AS4187 water quality requirements and developing an informed, site-specific plan for compliance, in combination with the cloud-based Compliance Tool, sets up HSO Sterile Services Departments to succeed. This clarity creates an environment where, instead of anxiety and frustration surrounding AS4187, staff can feel confident that they are unified on a journey towards compliance, and one that entails positive patient outcomes.


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