To Decolonise or Not to Decolonise: The Effectiveness of a Bundled Intervention in the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections

Marin L Schweizer PhD1,2

1Department of Internal Medicine, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa,
2Center for Access and Delivery Research and Evaluation, Iowa City VA Health Care System, 601 Hwy 6 W, Iowa City, IA, USA 52246

This presentation will describe Dr. Schweizer’s 9 years of research evaluating a bundled decolonization intervention to prevent surgical site infections in 33 hospitals. She will discuss the effectiveness of the intervention, as well as barriers and facilitators to implementation of the intervention. This talk will also highlight nasal decolonization options and the 2019 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strategies for preventing S. aureus surgical site infections.

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