Making consumer involvement work for you

Karen Carey1

 1Consumer Advocate

Infection prevention and control remains one of health’s great challenges with the potential to cause massive disruption to our lives and potentially many deaths and great illness, often avoidable.

The public, health consumers and patients have a huge investment in infection control and prevention as funders of the healthcare system, the at-risk and immunised population, and the sufferers of infection.

To be successful prevention and control must engage consumers meaningfully at a time when there is growing recognition and expectation by governments and funders that consumers will be involved at all stages of development, implementation and monitoring of projects and programs.

In her presentation Karen will cover practical strategies and tools to assist research and clinical program developers to get the most from meaningful consumer involvement, including how to know what type of person you need, when and where to find them, facilitating meaningful involvement and tools for measuring the effectiveness of consumer involvement.

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