The psychosocial impact and lived experiences of patients, and their families, isolated for their multi-resistant organism status in a paediatric hospital- a qualitative study

Ms Dallas Sewell1, Ms Sara Shea1

1Child And Adolescent Health Service, Nedlands, Australia


Our team is in the early stages of proposing a study to investigate the psychosocial impacts and overall lived experience of transmission based precautions on paediatric patients, and their families, who are colonised or infected with a multi-resistant organism (MRO). This would be a qualitative study documenting the impacts and experiences of patients and their families while they are an inpatient at Perth Children’s Hospital. By doing this we will better understand how our patients and their families feel with regards to their MRO status and the isolation that is required, and how we can improve the patient-family experience whilst also ensuring optimal care is provided, and protecting our other patients.

We would like to present at the 2019 ACIPC conference to gain feedback from peers about adding to the evidence base for this topic meaningfully, brainstorm ideas for interview questions, to share ideas and research experience on this topic.

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