Driving Improvement in IPC: Applying the Pareto Principle?

Jennie Wilson1

1University of West London, Paragon House, Boston Manor Road, Brentford. Middlesex. TW8 9GA

The Pareto Principle or the ‘20/80 rule’ is commonly cited in management literature as a critical component of strategic planning. Its underlying hypothesis is that a significant proportion of output can be attributed to small proportion of activity.  This concept is important when considering infection prevention and control if we are to ensure that limited resources are targeted at activities with the greatest effect on outcomes. This lecture will explore the application of these principles to IPC in general and how we need to make greater use of data to inform effective infection prevention strategies.  It will draw on the example of Gram-negative bloodstream infections, which have been inexorably increasing as a major cause of invasive infections in the UK over the last decade, and consider how applying the Pareto Principle is critical to efforts to reduce them.

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