Antimicrobial Stewardship

A/Professor Owen Robinson1,2,3,4

1Royal Perth Hospital
2Fiona Stanley Hospital
3PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA
4Antimicrobial Resistance and Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences Murdoch University

Over the past 60 years, antibiotics have revolutionised medicine and together with immunisation is probably one of the most important factor that has contributed to improving our life expectancy. However, the benefits of antibiotics are threatened with the emergence of resistance with reports of cases of infections with pathogens resistant to all antibiotics becoming more and more common. As antimicrobial resistance has been associated with antimicrobial use, healthcare facilities have explored strategies to try reducing the inappropriate use of antimicrobials, a strategy called antimicrobial stewardship. Since its beginning approximately 20 years ago, research on antimicrobial stewardship has exploded and approaches to control antimicrobial usage has not only diversified but also left the tertiary centres to now also involve small institutions, GPs, Nursing home and even the veterinary world.

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