Plumber, engineer, architect, HVAC expert- the ICP builder and why.

Mrs Marija Juraja1

1Angela Lee, Adelaide, Australia


Every ICP in some capacity is always engaged in building and renovation. The only issue is when you build a new hospital, that’s a different kettle of fish as you start from scratch and the tools you have don’t quite fit for a new build.


A hospital can be thought of and designed years in advance. The only issue standards and guidelines change and suddenly you have to make changes to ensure you meet them.

Specific templates were developed to review products that were placed on tender. Equipment was tested to stringent food sampling guidelines to ensure they could be cleaned. Decisions were made regarding commissioning and what was required, not required or in our case essentially required. We had to learn engineering formulas, source and read obscure ISO standards, review quality control benchmarks etc.

Dust was everywhere and yet 2 years before we are negotiating with the commissioning team to have our equipment stored off site. My greatest achievements understanding airflows for negative/ positive pressure rooms, and air/surface sampling prior to occupancy (my engineer hat). Every day presented something that wasn’t in the manual.


That when you build a new hospital, it’s important that you work closely with the teams, know your standards and guidelines and ask lots of questions. Lean on people who have the expertise and other ICPs building  near you or even around the world.


Marija Juraja RN, Grad Cert IC, CICP-E

Marija has previously held the position of President of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC), including state and national appointments to the Healthcare Associated Infection’s Implementation Advisory Committee at the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care and Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) Infection Control Node Expert Reference Group. She currently is co-Chair of ACIPC Conference Committee and a contributing member of ACIPC Policy Committee.

Marija also works in the position of Nurse Unit Manager for Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Infection Prevention and Control Unit. She holds an adjunct teaching position at The University of South Australia. She has published and co-authored several articles and guidelines and presented at both national and international conferences.

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