Infection prevention in ultrasound: An overview of recent research studies

Dr Jocelyne Basseal1, Dr Sue  Campbell Westerway2

1Australasian Society For Ultrasound In Medicine, Chatswood, Australia, 2Northern Women’s Imaging, Hornsby, Australia

As ultrasound technology rapidly evolves and is used more frequently in every area of medical diagnosis, it can be overlooked as a potential vector in the transmission of an infection. In a clinical setting, the infectious status of a patient is not often disclosed prior to an ultrasound examination and if the ultrasound probe involves contact with blood or bodily fluids, this can pose a risk of transmission of potential pathogens from patient to patient, or patient to operator. From the latest survey results of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) to ultrasound probe cover breaks post transvaginal ultrasound, an overview of recent research relating to infection prevention in ultrasound will be presented.


Dr Jocelyne Basseal, has a research and academic background as a graduate in Microbiology from the University of Sydney.  She has supervised graduate and post-graduate students, published in peer reviewed journals and text-books, delivered university lectures and organised national and international scientific conferences. Jocelyne joined the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine as the Managing Editor for the medical journal, Research and Policy Manager.  As a microbiologist in an ultrasound world, Jocelyne has a keen interest in infection prevention and control and is actively involved with research and publication in this area.

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