Behind Drawn Curtains and beyond Closed Doors – a patient story, Living in the world that Infection Control created!

Ms Kathy Dempsey1

1Carer / Parent / CICPE / HAI Program Manager CEC, Sydney, Australia


In the era of global antimicrobial resistance strategies, antimicrobial stewardship and many many infection prevention and control measures, how does infection control impact on the patient journey? Can we be confident Infection Control as applied improves patient safety? Do our Infection Control policies, procedures and guidelines translate to a succinct understanding by our staff and provide a quality safe and positive journey for our patients. Are our staff a product of our system and what does that mean for the patient journey? This is a unique patient experience story that reflects on the application of infection control behind drawn curtains and beyond closed doors. An expert at the front line of care experiencing Infection control in action, uniquely responsible on one hand for developing and implementing these strategies whilst as a primary carer navigating a long complex and acute healthcare journey, living in the world that infection control created. Real life experience and look at the impact, highs and lows and exactly how infection control is being interpreted and applied by our clinicians. Unpacking how policies and guidelines as interpreted drive the patient experience. This is my story, our journey.


A parent of a  now 19 year old son who’s journey began at the age of 18 months, diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency, bronchiectasis, Burkitt’s lymphoma and bone marrow transplant.  In addition to my very important role of parent and primary carer navigating the maze of health care I am an accomplished Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner (ICP). With 21 years’ experience in the profession and  a credentialed expert in Infection Control. I have a master’s degree in Critical Care/Microbiology/Infection control and hospital epidemiology; post graduate certificate in medical microbiology; certificate in Infection Control and hospital Epidemiology from the Centre of disease control and Society hospital epidemiology of America and a diploma in leadership and management. I have extensive first hand experience in untangling the web of infection control as applied and interpreted in the clinical setting.


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