The top five Infection Prevention and Control risk areas for a dental practitioner and the evidence based strategies to manage them.

Ms Kylie Robb1

1Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch), St Leonards, Australia


Determining what the key Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) risks are for a practitioner through evidence based performance data allows for high impact, high value education and targeted resource development to ultimately protect the public and Health Care Workers (HCWs) in an office based dental practice.


A comprehensive review of IPC performance data for 99 dental practices was aggregated into key IPC risk areas. These areas were then ranked to determine the highest and lowest compliance scores. The top five compliance criteria within each identified IPC risk area was also ranked with subsequent risk treatment strategies determined against core documents listed within the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on infection control.


The top five IPC risk areas identified were Hand Hygiene, Documentation (Knowledge and Policy), Aseptic Technique, Management of Sharps and Steam Sterilisers.


Understanding the needs of dental practitioners allows for the provision of relevant IPC continuing professional development that is more likely to increase overall IPC compliance.


Kylie is the Australian Dental Association (NSW Branch) Practice Services Manager in Sydney and has been instrumental in advocating for best practice in infection control standards while promoting the benefits of accreditation outcomes to hundreds of practice teams. She is a member of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control’s Education and Professional Development Committee, has a Master of Health Services Management in Clinical Leadership from the University of Technology, among many achievements. Kylie is a popular speaker, routinely presenting Infection Control and accreditation courses across the country. Kylie is a 2019 member of the coveted Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America’s International Ambassador Program.

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