An Outbreak of Peritoneal Dialysis Related Peritonitis Caused by Mini Cap with Povidone-iodine

Mr Qian Xiang1, Ms Jiayu Wu1

1Sichuan Academy Of Medical Sciences And Sichuan People’s Hospital, Chengdu, China


In August 2017, the incidence of peritonitis in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD) of the PD Center of a tertiary hospital in Sichuan Province was increased since June 2017. An outbreak of peritonitis was suspected and an investigation was conducted promptly to identify the cause of this outbreak.


We performed an epidemiological investigation and microbiological sampling. In the case-control study, case group included all patients with PD related peritonitis from June 1st to August 17th 2017, and control group included the patients without PD related peritonitis during the same period. In the cohort study, all the PD patients back to PD center from August 17th to September 30th 2017 were included and were divided into two groups by whether exposure to Youwei mini cap with povidone-iodine.


A total of 20 PD related peritonitis cases occurred in 15 patients were found. The case-control study indicated that using Youwei mini caps with povidone-iodine were the independent risk factor for the outbreak of peritonitis, the OR was 26.59 (95% CI:3.04-232.51). Further cohort study confirmed that using Youwei mini caps with povidone-iodine was the cause of this outbreak, the RR was 4 (95% CI: 1.87-8.58). The results of bacterial culture and endotoxin detection of dialysates and mini caps samples were all negative.


We supposed it might be an outbreak of PD related chemical peritonitis caused by using Youwei mini cap with povidone-iodine. And the outbreak was controlled by the intervention of replacement of mini caps with povidone-iodine.


Qian Xiang, Master of Medicine, Research Assistant. Health-care Associatied  Infection Control Center, Sichuan Sichuan Academy Of Medical Sciences And Sichuan People’s Hospital.


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