Decline number of hours for patient in open bay

Mrs Saleema Salman Ali Salman Ali1

1Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan


  • To reduce the number of hours in which patient are in open bay i-e average 20 hours to 4 hours (internal set target).
  • To decrease the number of exposure of health care workers.

Isolation means to separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. Among all diseases Tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox required negative pressure room (AIIR airborne infected isolation room). On the other hand, MDRO CRE (Carbapenum Resistant Enterobactoror) or Colistin resistant MDRO required single room isolation. Conversely, in AKUH 2017, the average number of hours in which patient not in isolation have increased from 7.23 hours in November to 20 hours in December 2017. Through this number of health care staff gets exposure.



The PDSA methodology used to expedite patient’s require isolation. We plan to start active coordination with IT team for isolation alerts, Close coordination with Micro team to intervene immediately to isolation patient, conduct Bed Management Officer sessions and to maintain Infection Control on call log. Moreover, we started IC Recommendations for patient placement in the same room (e.g., cohorting patients with the same infection).


Serving The Aga Khan University Hospital as Coordinator – Quality and patient safety and also worked with Department of Infection Prevention & Hospital Epidemiology. Completed BScN (Nursing)  from Liaquat University of Medical & Health Science. Take part for abstract submission in MMIDSP2019.


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