How modelling can be used to inform infection control strategies and practice

Ben S Cooper1,2

1Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Bangkok, Thailand,
2Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, UK


Mathematical and statistical models have become essential tools in planning and evaluating interventions to control the spread of communicable diseases. This presentation will consider the ways in which such tools have been used to inform hospital infection control strategies, and how we can expect to their use evolve in the future. This will include consideration of the use of models to provide broad epidemiological insights as well their use in planning and analysing epidemiological studies, forecasting, and evaluating the likely effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of potential interventions. Specific examples include the role of screening and isolation measures in MRSA control, evaluating the impact of reducing the duration of antibiotic treatment courses, and predicting how different antibiotic usage policies will affect the spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

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