Cleaning to Prevent Infection: Reviewing the top clinical studies from 2018

Peter Teska


Peter Teska BChem PhD discusses the studies that made an impact on Infection Control practice in the last 12 months:

  1. Managing VRE and CPE in ICU
  2. Aerosolised pathogens associated with toilet flushing
  3. What is the patient zone? Is it relevant?
  4. Does hand hygiene frequency keep pace with infection risk moments?
  5. Which part of a Theatre has the highest microbial load?
  6. Which healthcare workers have the highest rates of clothing contamination?
  7. How can we attenuate pathogen transfer to and from healthcare workers?
  8. What classes of disinfectant chemistry are appropriate for both efficacy and safety?
  9. Candida may be hiding in plain sight; is disinfection the key?
  10. Nurses and bodycams: What happens to hand hygiene compliance when RNs wear head-mounted cameras?

Breakfast is fully sponsored by Diversey, the makers of Oxivir® Tb  and Sporicide PlusTM   AHP disinfectants.

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