Positive bronchoscopy results – healthcare safety and quality challenges

Ms Anita Lovegrove1

1Monash Health, Melbourne, VIC, Australia



An overseas born female staff member aged 32, exhibited an atypical tuberculosis presentation that included wheezing and a raspy voice. A bronchoscopy, 2 months after onset of symptoms, confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis with potential laryngeal involvement.


A look-back of patients and staff with 8 hours cumulative exposure to the staff member commenced. The health service database was accessed to assess whether baseline TB screening results were available.
A process of open disclosure was initiated with all staff, to alleviate anxiety but with the challenge of maintaining confidentiality. Staff meetings, open forums, individual correspondence and screening potentially exposed staff were incorporated in the look-back process.


There were 18 staff who had no previous record of tuberculosis screening, 27 staff who had Mantoux screening results and 9 staff who had Quantiferon baseline results available.


This presentation will highlight the challenges for managing healthcare worker vaccination and screening programs. The outcome of contact tracing and the improvements implemented will be discussed.


Anita has an extensive history in nursing from management, to education to clinical practice, and has held her current position as an Infection Control Consultant at Monash Health for the last 10 years.

Anita has had the opportunity to be involved in the introduction of some innovative programs at Monash Health and been an invited speaker at Infection Control Conferences in Australia and New Zealand.

She particularly enjoys working in an environment where the challenges lead to unorthodox solutions.

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