A Day in the Life of a Children’s Hospital Infection Control Nurse

Ms Kate Flemming1, Ms Natasha Doran1, Mrs Jennifer Keogh1, Mrs Lisa Goldwater1, Mrs Tegan Curran1, Ms Janet Wallace1

1CHQ, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia


This poster outlines the daily roles and responsibilities of the Infection Control Clinical Nurse (ICCN) within the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH). The LCCH is a tertiary facility and the only paediatric hospital in Queensland. The role of an infection control nurse presents challenges on a daily basis due to rapid patient turnover, high acuity cases and persistent demand on medical services.

Infection control requirements for LCCH were reviewed by the ICCN’s to identify areas for improvement and potential solutions.

Observation, feedback and “brainstorming” within the team identified a need for a structured approach to undertaking daily activities in order to
• Enhance communication
• Prevent duplication and re-work
• Ensure key tasks are undertaken or delegated
• Promote professional development
• Specify responsibility for specific portfolios

The solution implemented was the creation of a daily checklist which includes:
– Review CN handover
– Review Calendar
– Review patient list : review requirements for transmission based precautions, assist with patient cohorting
– Review pathology results
– Attend hospital bed flow meetings
– Order/ follow up Multi-Resistant Organism swabs
– Provide team handover via an information technology solution (Sharepoint)
– Attend to additional responsibilities as required eg: audits, contact tracing, hand care advice, provide education.

To meet the requirements of Infection Control team at the LCCH, the ICCN daily checklist was amended to streamline tasks, role and communication. This improved checklist has proven to be successfully implemented and provides direction for the role of the ICCN.


I’m a Clinical Nurse Consultant at Children’s Health Queensland. I have been working in Infection Management and Prevention and related roles for over 22 years in several hospital and health services. I am currently studying a Masters in Public Health and I have a special interest in the evolution and management of multi-resistant organisms and evolving diseases.

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