A novel launch of a new molecule with antimicrobial functions

Dr Paul Wight1

1Prometheus Scientific Ltd.


Revealing of a new anti-microbial tool to help reduce the risk of cross contamination in the health care setting.

The Australian Health Care system reports over 165,000 Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) cases each year. At this level, and with the increasing prevalence of the resistance of antibiotics, government and hospitals must invest for the prevention & control of infection to reduce number of deaths and costs associated with HAI. According to Hand Hygiene Australia, the compliance rate for Moment 5# (After Touching A Patient’s Surroundings) is recorded at 79%. Despite on-going training and education provided to the staff to improve the compliance, the Cochrane Systematic Review (Gould et al 2017) shows that auditing with performance feedback gives rise to “nagging” and resentment, and may be impossible to sustain any improvement of hand hygiene compliance. The introduction of a novel tool can potentially help to reduce the level of HAI by using a new molecule with antimicrobial functions. Not a traditional biocide but a bespoke design Singlet Oxygen which when activated kills germs. This new technology must be at low cost, effective kill-rate, non- leaching and fit in with the existing manufacturing processes, together with ease of transition of normal day to day practice of a healthcare professional. This technology has now applied to the first of many medical consumables with the results of its efficacy detail to be revealed.


Dr Paul Wight, Technical Director at Prometheus Scientific Ltd.

30 years’ experience in New Product Development in the Chemical Industry. Joined ICI in 1989, subsequently became AstraZeneca. Worked in a variety of R&D and management roles, developing and commercialising new molecules for specialist applications. After leaving Fujifilm, took up position as Technical Director at John Hogg Ltd. I formed Prometheus Scientific Ltd in 2015 to provide contract R&D services. Inventor of 65+ patents, expertise in organic chemistry, photochemistry, polymer chemistry, intellectual property and business development.

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