Performance evaluation for hospital environmental disinfection.

Mr Adrian Fellows1

1Gama Healthcare Ltd, Luddendenfoot, United Kingdom


Performance evaluation for hospital environmental disinfection.



It is now accepted that environmental microbial contamination plays a significant role in HAI, (Hospital Acquired Infection), though for many years this was doubted. We can examine some of the reasons why.

Effective control by antimicrobial interventions is an important step in the prevention of HAIs.

Methods, (of validation)

How and why do we assess the effectiveness of the products and procedures advocated?

This is especially important for more difficult organisms; bacterial spores; fungal spores; viruses, and mycobacteria.

Disinfectant testing. History. Capabilities, Performance, Regulatory, EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), EU BPR, (European Biocidal Products Regulation), TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Agency).

Other antimicrobial interventions. Hand hygiene, HPV (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour), UVC (Ultra Violet C).


Illustrative results of these test methods are discussed.


What have we learned from 100 years of disinfectant testing?


I have degrees in microbiology and food technology, (combined honours) and an M phil in biodegradation studies, both from Leeds University.

I am a member of the Society for Applied Microbiology, the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Medicine.

I have co-authored a number of scientific papers, and am the inventor and patentee of several patents, particularly in the areas of disinfection and infection control

Some of these inventions have been commercialised and have led to spin off companies. Since 2005, I have been involved directly in HAI research as R&D director of Gama Healthcare Ltd.

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