“What, you are rebuilding the middle of ICU?”

Ms Carolyn Clissold1

1Wellington Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand



Building or renovating following the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AHFG) for IPC is often fraught, however major renovation in and around a working ICU is even more challenging. This presentation will look at the AHFG and both explain, critique and suggest real world solutions to fulfilling them.


A case study approach will be used to discuss the AHFG Guidelines. The case studies involve the author’s recent experience with major renovation in the middle of a working ICU, and on an oncology unit.


The AHFG can be improved both in scope and can be simplified to  communicate better with contractors .


Fulfilling IPC renovation requirements in a hospital is always challenging. Understanding requirements and designing pragmatic solutions with contractors, is key to safe renovation in IPC risk areas.


Carolyn Clissold has been a Clinical Nurse Specialist for 10 years at Wellington Hospital, in New Zealand. Since becoming an IPC nurse Carolyn has specialised in intensive care, oncology, renal and the aged care sector.  Carolyn represents IPC nurses national (in NZ) on the antimicrobial resistance working group. Her interest in safe IPC building practices has been thrust upon her!

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