Enhancing voluntary vaccination uptake amongst healthcare workers

Ms Rebecca Adams1, Ms Toni McLean1, Mr Matthew McQuilty1, Ms Kathryn O’Brien1

1Queensland Department Of Health, Herston, Australia



In July 2016 Queensland Health introduced a condition of employment for certain categories of prospective workers requiring evidence of vaccination against specified VPDs prior to employment. This measure could have no effect on existing staff. A project was undertaken to encourage vaccination in existing staff.


Various strategies were employed, including the  implementation of a Quality Improvement Payment (QIP) linked to HHS performance in staff influenza vaccine programs.


Following QIP introduction in 2016, improvement was seen in overall influenza vaccine coverage, however recently available 2017 results suggest that this improvement was not sustained over all HHSs.


Modest improvement has been seen in staff influenza vaccine coverage, although this was not sustained across all HHSs. Uptake of the educational and promotional resources developed has been favourable. While the measurable results of these strategies have been modest, other less tangible effects have also been experienced, such as collaboration across a diverse group of stakeholders, relationship building and raising awareness of the importance of vaccination.

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