40 years of Therapeutic Guidelines: Antibiotic

Dr Leigh-Anne Claase1

1 Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd, 473 Victoria Street, West Melbourne 3003

Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd (TGL) is an Australian not-for-profit, independent, self-funding organisation. TGL’s mission is to improve patient outcomes by promoting the quality use of medicines, and it does this by creating and publishing point-of-care prescribing guidelines.

TGL works with Australia’s most eminent clinicians, who collaborate with the in-house editorial team to write the guidelines. In addition to relevant clinical expertise, members of the expert writing groups are selected to ensure representation across all states and territories. Writing groups consist of both specialist and generalist clinicians, and must include a doctor in training.

The Antibiotic Guidelines was the first title published by TGL, in 1978. The current edition, edition 15, is the largest guideline TGL has published, requiring 3 expert writing groups and 4 editors, and taking 2 years to complete. Preparation of edition 16 is already underway, with publication to coincide with TGL’s 40th anniversary in 2018.

Today, TGL publishes 14 guidelines covering 2500 topics. The coloured books—beloved of first generation users—have now largely been replaced by digital products. eTG complete integrates all 14 titles, and is available online, offline and as an app for mobile devices.

While TGL has been successful at realizing its mission over the years, the world is changing at an astonishing pace. The advent of digital hospitals in Australia is bringing a revolution in information delivery and interoperability in healthcare. TGL is committed to working with users to develop innovative ways of supporting prescribers.