Procurement Risk Assessment – beyond infection control review and evaluation

Sylvia Gandossi1

1Western Diagnostic Pathology, 74   Mc Coy Street, Myaree , WA, 6154


In health and aged care procurement encompasses a diverse range of activities for both products and services. In these settings this presents infection prevention and control risks. The National Standards for Health and Aged Care describe governance and infection control requirements relating to products and services.  Also, at the jurisdictional and organizational level Procurement Risk Management utilizes various standards and processes. Traditionally Infection Control Programs have consisted of review and evaluation processes for products and services. With the evolving emphasis for a standardised risk management framework to risk assess infection prevention and control the Procurement Risk Assessment processes methodology provides a framework and tools to manage risk associated with both products and services.

This presentation will provide an overview of the Procurement Risk Assessment process and explore some of the challenges and opportunities for infection prevention and control governance and professionals.

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