Utilization of ATP Bioluminescence Assay in Monitoring Critical Points in an ISO Accredited Sterilizing Services Department

Mr Roel Castillo1

1Macquarie University Hospital, Macquarie University, Australia


The evolution of the reusable medical devices have never as technologically advanced and continues to do so at a relatively fast pace. Recent updates to international and national standards cater to these advances. It is  important to address  technological demands and utilise  a “new” monitoring system to ensure reprocessing of devices are of acceptable standards of cleanliness; maintaining high level disinfection and sterility assurance is attained. Utilisation of ATP bioluminescence assay has just recently been used in the CSSD environment.

Reusable medical devices with specific focus on manually washed items, difficult to clean automated washed items like robotics, 3D printed devices; washer disinfectors; sterilizers; instrument dryers; IT hard wares; work benches; hand hygiene. The technology address demands of detailed reprocessing, allow you to address errors due to ineffective cleaning protocol including hand hygiene.

This method of monitoring allows immediate rectification poorly cleaned surfaces, improper hand hygiene and helps prevent HAIs.

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