Measuring effectiveness of 3 cleaning protocols utilising ATP bioluminescence assay in the perioperative environment

Mr Roel Castillo1, Ms Christine  Overend1

1Macquarie University Hospital, Macquarie University, Australia


With increasing evidence that the environment plays a key role in transmission of pathogens to patients, there is  emphasis on objectively measuring cleaning outcomes as  means to reduce micro contaminants in patient care areas. There are two ways to monitor cleanliness. One is visual verification, the naked eye is unable to recognize micro contamination that causes HAIs and   the other, microbial sampling for laboratory analysis. A reliable method of measurement and quick result for immediate rectification is necessary to ensure level of cleanliness is attained to prevent HAIs.

Results from a preliminary  sampling utilising ATP bioluminescence measured in RLU indicated a variability of cleanliness in tested sample areas, thus  indicate  relevance of monitoring  cleanliness in operating theatre complex.

This study will  improve the consistency and quality of cleaning practices. A reliable method of measuring cleaning levels via micro contamination measurements with instantaneous results enables the facility to reclean/retest  preventing  HAIs.

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