Resimpact – tackling drug resistance for action

Dr Teresa Wozniak1, Ms Emily Bailey1, Prof Nicholas  Graves1, Dr Kate Halton1

1AusHSI – Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation, Queensland University Of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


Resimpact, is an open access calculator based on a validated and transparent health economic model that allows the user to input their own epidemiological data of drug resistance by site of infection and to be presented with an array of measures to estimate the health and economic impact of resistant infections.

I would like to present this as part of the 3 minute research, to firstly introduce the website which is under development with the open-access calculator and describe its purpose briefly. Secondly, I would like to introduce the audience to the opportunity to either provide their own data estimates, or to think about working collaboratively in getting more robust estimates, in particular were Australian-based measures are missing within our model.

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