Minimising the Risk of Transmission from Endoscopes

Terry McAuley1

1 STEAM Consulting Pty Ltd, PO BOX 779 Endeavour Hills VIC 3802,


Over the past decade there have been some notable cases in which infection control breaches have occurred in endoscopy settings. Whilst some of the reported breaches may not have resulted in high numbers of patient infections, the anxiety created for hundreds and sometimes thousands of patients who have received notification and undergone testing cannot be understated.

More recently, patient deaths from healthcare associated CRE / CPE infection post duodenoscopy has highlighted the importance of strict adherence to medical device manufacturer’s instructions for use and medical device design that allows effective reprocessing.

It is widely accepted that lack of compliance with manufacturer’s reprocessing instructions and/or published guidance documents make up a large proportion of reported events of infection control and reprocessing breaches. With the number of endoscopic procedures undertaken globally continuing to rise, isn’t it time we got it right?

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