Development of an educational hand hygiene DVD to engage hospital staff from all disciplines

Kaye Belliss 1, Gillian Land 1, Pauline Bass 1

Alfred Health, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Background: Hand Hygiene (HH) is an essential key strategy in the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections. Good HH practice protects the workforce and consumers. The capacity to engage staff and promote HH compliance is assessed as a component of healthcare accreditation. Our objective was to create an engaging educational training DVD applicable to all disciplines within a hospital.

Methods: Alfred Health has well-established HH resources including guidelines, e-learning packages and a robust auditor training program. In 2015, HH fell <80% and there was a concern that HH fatigue was occurring. As a result, hospital executive funded the production of a HH training DVD and an external film company was engaged. Staff from many disciplines participated in a story about a patient’s journey through the hospital. A basic script was developed which emphasised patient care in a routine manner.

Results: The DVD was launched at each campus and is played at monthly HH auditor training workshops, at ward governance meetings and by the Redesigning Care Unit. It is available on the hospital intranet site and will soon be publicly available on our external website. A new HH e-learning module is being developed incorporating clips from the DVD. Staff feedback to date confirms relevance of content and ability to engage widely.

Conclusion: A locally-produced HH DVD has created discussion between staff and raised the profile of HH in a positive manner. Lessons learned are applicable to hospitals planning to develop electronic educational tools for improvement of infection prevention processes.

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