AMS in rural and regional Victoria

Carol Rosevear 1, David Walters, Alicia Neels, Linda Dreyer

SWABS, Geelong, VIC, Australia


In 2012 a group of ” volunteers” agreed to form a regional AMS group to collect and review antibiotic prescribing in Victorian regional and rural hospital. Many small facilities do not have the resources to audit, review data and collate reports with recommendations, this group provided the expertise to assist.
2 point prevalent audits were conducted at each site annually, the SWABS group then reviewed the data and provided benchmarked reports to each site.
Over 4 years there had been a significant improvement in many acute facilities especially those that have implemented some in house AMS program. in 2012 27% compliance with the antibiotic therapeutic guidelines was reported across the region in 2015 70% was achieved.
Aged care continues to perform poorly with on 40% compliance being achieved in 2015.
In some rural sites and long term care facilities where GP’s are the main prescribers there is still resistance to updating their prescribing practices.
Further education and training is required within the GP population and auditing of their prescribing practices should be part of the accreditation process

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