Healthcare Professionals annual influenza vaccination: Sustaining an innovative & collaborative approach in non-Networked Hospitals

Sue McFarlane 1, Aurea Ayalon 1, Terri Cripps 2, Margaret Evans 3, Susan Jain 1, Kristine Millar 1, Fiby Sultan 1

Prince Of Wales Hospital, Barker Street, Randwick, NSW, Australia


Situated on the Randwick Campus are the Prince of Wales Hospital (PoWH), Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) and the Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH). The SCH is not networked to the PoWH & RHW.

In 2008 PoWH, RHW & SCH collaborated to start influenza vaccinations for Healthcare Professionals (HCP) with a ‘blitz’ clinic. This event is now run annually as a mass Campus drop-in clinic at the start of the influenza season. The aim is to provide the opportunity for a large cohort of HCPs to be vaccinated early against a vaccine-preventable disease and to deliver the service in a fast, efficient and effective way.

Organisation for these clinics require collaboration and support. Preparation and logistics include: obtaining Standing Orders from each Network, staff rostering, adherence of the cold chain, and equipment for twelve vaccination stations. These clinics are followed by ongoing influenza vaccination clinics both in CHESS and roaming across POW & SCH.

Additionally this approach continues to give us guidance for pandemic vaccination planning.

In 2008 a total of 777 HCP were vaccinated, and for 2016 a total of 2,376 influenza vaccinations were administered on the mass clinic days.

The mass influenza clinics have been running for 8 years. The ongoing nature and HCP expectation of this annual clinic ensures “word of mouth” advertising & fosters goodwill with staff. We continue to improve upon the initial pilot programme and sustain an effective annual Influenza vaccination programme.

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