Meeting Influenza vaccination targets with the same resources

Mardi Abernethy 1, Elizabeth Gillespie, Rhonda Stuart, Kylie Snook

Monash Health, Berwick, VIC, Australia


In 2015, the Victorian Department of Health set the influenza vaccination target at 75% as a statement of priority for Victorian health services. Prior to this, Monash Health infection control team had consistently provided access for staff to influenza vaccination, but the health service had not increased the vaccination rate beyond 54-56%.
In response to the new target, Monash Health implemented an executive reporting system. This provided all executives and cost centre managers with access to staff completion of influenza declaration forms.
The health service set a target of 80% for influenza vaccination but 100% for completion of the declaration form – either vaccination or declination. Cost centre managers were responsible for monitoring staff rates of completion of the form.
The success of this system for 2015 and 2016, without increasing the infection control resource or workload, will be described.

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