Community Health (CH) Nurses’ knowledge, attitude and practice of standard and transmission-based precautions in Sydney Local Health District (SLHD)

Nurmeiyati (Jeana) Nurmeiyati 1

Acting Clinical Nurse Consultant Infection Control, Sydney Local Health District Community Health


SLHD Community Health (CH) nurses provide nursing care within the teams of Child and Family Health Nursing, Sydney District Nursing, Sexual Health and Youth Health Services.
Patients/Clients may carry existing infections on referral to CH services and can harbour causative infectious agents that have become “institutionalized” and resistant to antibiotics.
These organisms can become the patient’s normal flora and act as opportunists waiting for the right environmental conditions for proliferation and infection. Hence, CH patients/clients are at risk of acquiring healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Literature has shown HAIs are no longer confined in hospital setting.

The study’s aim is to provide a baseline for future action with HAIs by assessing CH nurses’ knowledge, influence their attitude and improve practice of standard and transmission-based precautions, including the possible development of a monitoring system to measure the rate of multi-resistant organisms’ transmission in the Community setting.

Quantitative method based on the National Hand Hygiene (HH) audit tool. The qualitative method used includes surveys based on knowledge, attitude and practice.

The preliminary data indicate high compliance rate for HH. Data on Personal Protective Equipment and equipment disinfection is currently being tabulated.

The high HH compliance rates in the setting indicate the 5 Moments for HH are widely practised, and that knowledge is translated effectively into clinical practice.
Study results will inform future infection control education programs, policies and guidelines for CH nurses with the aim of aligning relevant knowledge and attitude to achieve best practice and best patients/clients outcomes.

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