Antibiotic Awareness Week: targeting hospital based prescribing and use

Fiona Gotterson 1

Senior Project Officer, Healthcare Associated Infection Program, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Each November countries promote awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the role of appropriate antibiotic use in addressing this. 2016 marks the fifth Australian Antibiotic Awareness Week (AAW). Since 2012 the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) has worked with jurisdictions to plan activities targeting hospital-based antibiotic use.

Resources have focused on bringing together resources and highlighting actions to improve antibiotic use. Activities included t-shirt packs, development of materials available to download, and promotion of relevant Commission projects. A comprehensive communications strategy incorporating social media has complemented AAW. Website activity, social media participation, and 2016 survey results (340 hospitals) have informed evaluation.

• Consistent messages
• Increased use of website resources and better twitter participation.
• Increased NAPS participation.
• Survey response rate 48% (N=163), all jurisdictions represented:
 95% (N=142) agree Commission resources helped local events, and AAW is worthwhile.
 88% (N= 132) perceive AAW raises prescribers and clinician awareness.
 61% (N=91) believed AAW positively impacted prescribing

The presentation will outline key results, and implications for future campaigns.. Commission resources are important in supporting hospitals to run local events, particularly smaller hospitals with limited resources. Integration of related projects, provision of ‘new’ materials, comprehensive communications strategy and jurisdictional collaboration help promote engagement. Hospitals perceive AAW to be worthwhile. Results suggest awareness activities have a role to play in improving hospital antibiotic use. Principles of behaviour change theory may help inform future campaign strategies.

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