Achieving Hand Hygiene benchmarks in a greenfield hospital: The Challenge, The Journey and the Outcomes to date

Stacey Fitzgerald 1, Ann Whitfield 1

Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch, WA, Australia


In 2015 a greenfield hospital opened with high expectations of being innovative, developing a new culture and delivering patient and staff safety. Infection Prevention (IP) and Hand Hygiene (HH) were at the forefront. New workflows, technology and transitioning staff from varying facilities contributed to initial HH results being 61.3%.

Re-establishing HH as a priority and increasing compliance was imperative to mitigate potential increases in Hospital Associated Infections, ensuring patient and staff safety.

Multiple targeted methodologies were employed across the organisation engaging the inter-professional workforce and empowering instigation of change.
This incorporated:
• Providing real time feedback to clinicians at ward level
• Weekly hospital wide feedback including areas requiring improvement and acknowledging areas of success
• Face to face education
• Rewarding high achievers
• Engaging consumers: “It’s ok to ask” campaign
Significant executive buy in assisted with:
• Building of culture
• Reinforcing patient centred care
• Adhering to CARE values
Increased daily auditing (utilising the Hand Hygiene Australia standardised audit tool) enabled a greater visual presence of IP staff and establishing strong relationships with clinicians.

A 20.5% increase in Compliance with the 5 moments for HH was achieved over a 1 year period (Audit 1 2016 result: 82.8%), exceeding national benchmarks reflecting staff engagement and commitment to excellence.

Various factors will influence staff compliance with standard practices including the 5 moments for HH.
Through carefully targeted strategies and interprofessional engagement it has been demonstrated that HH rates can be increased to above benchmark levels.

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