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The ACIPC Conference 2014 will showcase science to practice advances in infection prevention and control, what’s new in  surveillance, outbreak management and infection control research, updates on emerging infectious diseases and resistant organism management, along with infection prevention and control challenges in acute, community, residential aged care and office base practice settings.
There will be opportunities to hear about compliance with national standards, infection prevention and control for novice consultants/practitioners and how behaviour can impact on change implementation. Both international and national speakers will be presenting contemporary, evidence based presentations and will be readily accessible to all delegates.
The conference also offers a unique opportunity to liaise with industry and assess the latest innovations to assist with infection prevention and control strategies along with providing invaluable networking opportunities with your peers.
Interwoven with the Conference will be the chance to experience the diversity of the Adelaide’s bustling city, nightlife, shopping and much more. Take this opportunity to discover not only Adelaide but South Australia.
To ensure you are informed and kept up to date, please fill in the expression of interest form and you will hear from us shortly.

As part of national registration requirements, attendance at this conference including the workshops, support your commitment to furthering your professional development.
Each workshop or conference day has been allocated CPD points based on hours attended. 1hour = 1CPD.

Day 1: (workshops) 3 CPD Points per workshop
Day 2: 6.4 CPD Points
Day 3: 5.5 CPD Points
Day 4: 4 CPD Points